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R2 Education Response First Aid Kit


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manufactured by: MedConnex

sold by: Medconnex

The R2 Education Response First Aid Kit is developed specifically for the Education sector, where the need for absolute care is paramount.

R2 Low-High Risk 25-50 Persons (Education Only).

Contains first aid contents required to cover WHS regulations.

Loaded with ARTG registered quality hospital grade contents ready to perform wherever the location.

BONUS wall mount bracket for plastic and soft pack.

Dimensions - Metal Cabinet (MM) 285 (W) X 420 (H) X 130 (D)
Dimensions - Plastic (MM) 355 (W) X 330 (H) X 100 (D)
Dimensions - Soft (MM) 355 (W) X 270 (H) X 110 (D)


Plastic: FAR2L20
Soft Pack: FAR2L30
Metal Cabinet: FAR2L10
Refill: FAR2L99