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R2 Foodmax Blues First Aid Kit


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manufactured by: MedConnex

sold by: Medconnex

The R2 Foodmax Blues First Aid Kit - Metal Cabinet is National WHS compliant for workplaces.

Complies with the Food Safety Act requirements.

Any form of food handling demands the strictest hygiene regulations are enforced (Food Safety Act) and this kit contains the necessary contents to safeguard against avoidable litigation.

Ideal for food handling and preparation areas where cuts and burns are prevalent.

Dimensions - Metal Cabinet (MM) 285 (W) X 420 (H) X 130 (D)
Dimensions - Plastic (MM) 355 (W) X 330 (H) X 100 (D)
Dimensions - Soft (MM) 355 (W) X 270 (H) X 110 (D)


Metal Cabinet: FAR2F10
Plastic: FAR2F20
Soft Pack: FAR2F30
Refill: FAR2F99